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Jumping in Enschede, Netherlands

So this is it, I finally finished my trip around the world in April 2014 after 10 months non-stop travelling. It's good to leave but it's always nice to be back home in Europe. For Easter, I head over to the Netherlands where I learn that there is a tradition to make huge bonfires. Perfect occasion to Jump ! … [Read More...]

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Jumping in Boracay

Jumping in Boracay, Philippines

After Hanoi's cold winter, we decided to head back south to Singapore and found some cheap flights to Boracay, Philippines. We actually landed in Kalibo and had a bus to drive us to Caticlan where we … [Read More...]

Jumping in Hanoi Vietnam

Jumping in Hanoi, Vietnam

After some time in Malaysia and Singapore, Sylvain and I found a cheap pair of flights to Hanoi. Having never jumped there before, we couldn't miss on the occasion ! Hanoi, is so busy ! … [Read More...]

Jumping in Kuala Lumpur

Jumping in Kuala Lumpur, take #2

2 years after my first trip to Malaysia, I'm back to Kuala Lumpur ! This jump was taken during the water show at the bottom of the Petronas Towers. … [Read More...]

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Jumping in Rayley Beach

Jumping on Rayley Beach

The original plan was to take a train from Kuala Lumpur to Rayley Beach, south of Thailand in order to spend a few days on one of the paradisiac beaches of the area. But, as often, by the time we went … [Read More...]

Jumping in the Sahara

Jumping in the Sahara !

Don't always blindly trust Google Maps !! We had used Google Maps to plan our itinirary from Hammamet to Ksar Ghilane, an Oasis in the Sahara desert. Everything went great until Google told us to … [Read More...]

Jumping in the Forbidden City

Jumping in the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is at the very heart of the Chinese capital. It was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty and it is HUGE ! It consists of 980 buildings … [Read More...]

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