Jumping in Singapore

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Taking advantage of the last Air Asia X flights from Paris, we decided to take some weeks off and go jumping in South East Asia. We started by Singapore where we met again JP, our partner in crime of the crazy jumps we had taken in the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2010.

Singapore is a nice a lively city. A paradise for the geeks and high tech lovers. I found a new wide lense for my Nikon D90 for 60% of the retail price in France. I didn't hesitate long :)

That lense, a Tokina 11-16mm, is fun because it allows you to take great shots in very small spaces, like on the small boat in the pictures below for instance:

Jumping in Singapore

Jumping in Singapore

Behind us, you can find the building that looks like a giant Ironing Board. It is a Marina Bay Sands hotel, huge and posh hotel. From the terrace at the top there is a swimming pool that runs all along the ironing board. Visitors can go to the top and enjoy breathtaking views of the marina.

Our budget was not tailored for such luxury and we very much enjoyed staying at the Wink Hostel that had great dorms (with real "walls" for separating the beds so that you have your private space) and even a Playstation where we could play Guitar Hero after a long day walking into the city :)

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