Jumping in Usa

Image for Jumping in Key West

Jumping in Key West

Key West, FL, usa

Beautiful weather, a nice temperature, and holidays in full swing made it a wonderful day. We had arrived in Key West the day before and had set out to...

Image for Jumping in the Keys

Jumping in the Keys

Islamorada, FL, usa

After a couple of days in Miami, we hopped on a bus and headed down south to the Keys. Our first stop was at the Chesapeake Resort in Islamorada, surrounded...

Image for Jumping in South Miami Beach

Jumping in South Miami Beach

Miami Beach, usa

Four years after the first (failed) jump in Miami Beach, I'm back! This time with J. as we celebrate our Voyage de presque-noces. A few weeks earlier, we...

Image for Jumping in San Francisco

Jumping in San Francisco

San Francisco, usa

After a few days in Las Vegas, we rented a car and headed to San Francisco. Of course, we visited the Golden Gate Bridge, and that's when we realized that...

Image for Jumping in Las Vegas

Jumping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, usa

After a week on the road, we arrived in Las Vegas, the end of our journey on board our awesome RV. We had booked a nice little hotel, the Mandalay Beach for...

Image for Jumping in Bryce Canyon

Jumping in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, usa

Still on our road trip from Houston to Las Vegas, after Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, we made a stop in another National Park, Bryce Canyon. Tomorrow,...

Image for Forbidden Jump in Arizona

Forbidden Jump in Arizona

Marble Canyon, usa

We couldn't resist taking a jumping picture next to a sign that clearly asked us not to. ๐Ÿ˜…

Image for Jumping at the Grand Canyon

Jumping at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, usa

After Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of those breathless places where you feel very, very small.

Image for Jumping in Monument Valley

Jumping in Monument Valley

Monument Valley, usa

Monument Valley has one of the most peculiar and beautiful landscape scenery. You drive on straight roads in the desert for ages and then you see those...

Image for Jumping in Texas

Jumping in Texas

Near Amarillo, usa

This was taken in Northern Texas on our road trip from Houston to Las Vegas aboard our awesome RV you see in the picture. The first few days were filled with...

Image for Jumping in New Orleans

Jumping in New Orleans

New Orleans, usa

From New York, we took a train to New Orleans. 30 hours later, we were there. I love traveling by train, and this ride was awesome! New Orleans (aka NOLA) is...

Image for Jumping in front of the Statue of Liberty

Jumping in front of the Statue of Liberty

New York City, usa

For our last jump in New York, Arnaud, Sylvain B, Matthieu and I gathered before our upcoming road trip across the USA. Today, we decided to be plain...

Image for Jumping in front of Manhattan

Jumping in front of Manhattan

Brooklyn, usa

After a weekend in Boston, Sylvain and I returned to New York. As soon as we got off the bus, we headed over to Brooklyn to meet our friend Alison and grab...

Image for Jumping in Boston

Jumping in Boston

Boston, usa

After spending a few days in New York with Sylvain, we decided to head over to Boston for the weekend for some good ol' jumping. Here's a picture of George...

Image for Jumping in Times Square

Jumping in Times Square

New York City, usa

Iconic Times Square on a hot summer night in 2013.

Image for Jumping in "Frontier Town"

Jumping in "Frontier Town"

Frontier Town, usa

On the way from New York to Montreal, we took a random exit off Interstate 87 for a bathroom break and ended up in Frontier Town. Frontier Town, with its...

Image for Jumping on the Interstate 87

Jumping on the Interstate 87

Somewhere on the I87, usa

After reaching New York on a cargo ship, I immediately hit the road with Emeric and Vรฉronique, some friends I made on the cargo, and headed straight to...

Image for Jumping in Miami Beach

Jumping in Miami Beach

Miami Beach, usa

That's what happens when your official jumping photographer is in a hurry to sip a mojito... you end up with a photo where you look stupid! (Or was it on...

Image for Jumping in Chicago

Jumping in Chicago

Chicago, usa

Taking advantage of a business training near Chicago, I took some days off to discover the city. This metallic bean is emblematic of the city, along with its...

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