Jumping in Key West

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Key West, FL, usa,

Beautiful weather, a nice temperature, and holidays in full swing made it a wonderful day. We had arrived in Key West the day before and had set out to explore the city.

Upon arriving at the marina, we saw that the Majesty of the Seas from the Royal Caribbean was docked. Majesty is the little sister of Allure of the Seas, the ship we were to board a few days later in Miami. We decided it was the perfect spot for our first jumping picture of the day.

This was before one of Judith's Havaianas decided to part ways right during the jump, as you can see from the shadow on the ground.

Judith jumping in Key West

The rogue Havaiana ended up in the beautiful turquoise waters and quickly started to swim away. It was a sad sight indeed, as we didn't manage to recover it. So we sheepishly walked back to the nearby market (some of us on one foot, as the ground was scalding hot) to buy the first pair of flip flops we could find.

For my jump, I decided to stay conservative and away from the shore.

Sly jumping in Key West

Key West is the southernmost place in Continental US. It has a nice and relaxing vibe, albeit a bit too touristy perhaps. But we were among those tourists, so who were we to complain?

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