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Image for Jumping on the Cape of Good Hope

Jumping on the Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope, south africa

Well, we did it. After three weeks of intense training, J and I both got our Day Skipper licenses! Man, sailing is a world on its own. There are so many...

Image for Jumping around Cape Town

Jumping around Cape Town

Seaforth's beach, south africa

It's happening! We've booked a three-week sailing class in Cape Town to learn the ropes of sailing. It's our first time in South Africa, so we've decided to...

Image for Jumping on Le Pouce

Jumping on Le Pouce

Le Pouce Mountain, mauritius

On a hot weekend in February, we decided to climb Le Pouce Mountain. Although it is the third-highest mountain in Mauritius (with an elevation of 812m), it...

Image for Jumping in Mahรฉbourg

Jumping in Mahรฉbourg

Mahรฉbourg, mauritius

Mahรฉbourg is a sleepy town in the southeast of Mauritius, close to the airport. It is the main city of the Grand Port district and is named after the French...

Image for Jumping on Coin de Mire

Jumping on Coin de Mire

Coin de Mire Island, mauritius

A few months after jumping on รŽlot Gabriel, with Top Cat, we went back with J.'s sister. After Gabriel island, we stopped at Coin de Mire island (Gunner's...

Image for Jumping on รŽlot Gabriel

Jumping on รŽlot Gabriel

รŽlot Gabriel, mauritius

In October 2021, after many months of restrictions due to COVID-19, Mauritius was finally and slowly reopening to tourists. That meant we could finally go...

Image for Home Jumping during COVID

Home Jumping during COVID

Pereybere, mauritius

2020-2021 was definitely a weird period. We spent two months in lockdown in early 2020. It was quite a strict lockdown as we couldn't even walk out of the...

Image for Jumping in Port Louis

Jumping in Port Louis

Port Louis, mauritius

In 2019, J. and I left the rainy ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Netherlands and moved to tropical ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡บ Mauritius! Early 2020, our friend Fred paid us a visit. We took him to the capital...

Image for Jumping in Petra

Jumping in Petra

Petra, jordan

A few hours after jumping in the desert, we reached Petra. It was a bank holiday that day, and the site was really packed with both tourists and locals. But...

Image for Jumping in Jordanian desert

Jumping in Jordanian desert

In the middle of nowhere, jordan

Still on our Barcelona-Dubai cruise, that morning we docked in Aqaba. Aqaba is Jordan's main port located in the Red Sea. Being in Jordan, the one thing we...

Image for Jumping in the Suez Canal

Jumping in the Suez Canal

Suez Canal, egypt

Onboard Explorer of the Seas, on our way from Barcelona to Dubai, J., Sylvain, and I are now on the mythical Suez Canal, bridging the Mediterranean and the...

Image for Jumping in the Sahara

Jumping in the Sahara

Ksar Ghilane, tunisia

Don't always blindly trust Google Maps!! We had used Google Maps to plan our itinerary from Hammamet to Ksar Ghilane, an Oasis in the Sahara desert....

Image for Jumping in El Jem

Jumping in El Jem

El Jem, tunisia

After settling down in Hammamet, we embarked on a two-day road trip down to the doors of the Sahara desert. We passed by El Jem, that has an arena built by...

Image for Jumping in Hammamet

Jumping in Hammamet

Hammamet, tunisia

For this Christmas/New Year break, we decided to go and visit Tunisia. I hadn't been to Africa since 1996 when I was in Ghana (I don't count Mauritius as...

Image for Team Building and Jumping in Mauritius

Team Building and Jumping in Mauritius

Balaclava, mauritius

As I was saying in my earlier post, in Mauritius, we work a lot. And as everybody knows, when you work hard, you need to play hard in order to relieve the...

Image for Jumping in Mauritius... again!

Jumping in Mauritius... again!

Flic en Flac, mauritius

That's one of the few perks of the job, getting to go work in Mauritius once in a while. The weeks is usually pretty packed with little or no time for...

Image for Jumping in Mauritius

Jumping in Mauritius

รŽle aux Cerfs, mauritius

Mauritius at this time of year is awesome, with an average temperature of 28ยฐC (sea water at 26ยฐC). It's a paradise island with many colorful animals,...

Image for Team Jumping in Mauritius

Team Jumping in Mauritius

Souillac, mauritius

This was almost a thermal shock. Right after the Tromsรธ Arctic Circle expedition, I had to jump on another plane and spend a few weeks on Mauritius Island...

Image for Jumping in Doha airport

Jumping in Doha airport

Doha airport, qatar

So sad, the holidays are over. It was an incredible trip from Paris to Shanghai filled with so many great memories, new friends, and new experiences. On the...

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