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Image for Jumping in Key West

Jumping in Key West

🇺🇸 Key West, FL, usa

Beautiful weather, nice temperature, holidays in full swing: it was a wonderful day. We had arrived in Key West the day before and had taken to explore the...

Image for Jumping in the Keys

Jumping in the Keys

🇺🇸 Islamorada, FL, usa

After a couple of days in Miami, we hop on a bus and head down south to the Keys. Out first stop is at the Chesapeake Resort in Islamorada, surrounded by...

Image for Jumping in South Miami Beach

Jumping in South Miami Beach

🇺🇸 Miami Beach, usa

Four years after the first (failed) jump in Miami Beach, I'm back! This time with Judith as we are celebrating our Voyage de presque-noces. A few weeks...

Image for Jumping in Roatán

Jumping in Roatán

🇭🇳 Roatán, honduras

After wandering up and around Guatemala, we went to Útila, a backpacker island in Honduras. We were so busy doing nothing there that we didn't even think...

Image for Jumping in Livingston

Jumping in Livingston

🇬🇹 Livingston, guatemala

After, Flores we went down the little town of Livingston. Livingston is a little Reggae town on the Caribbean sea. There is no road access, so the only way...

Image for Jumping in Flores

Jumping in Flores

🇬🇹 Flores, guatemala

Flores is a very nice and very little town on a small Island in the middle of a river. It is the gateway to Tikal, the ancient Maya Sanctuary and its monkeys.

Image for Jumping in Antigua

Jumping in Antigua

🇬🇹 Antigua, guatemala

After a hectic border crossing between Mexico and Guatemala (*), we finally arrived in Antigua, the old town of Guatemala surrounded by volcanoes. Jumping in...

Image for Jumping in San Christobal de las Casas

Jumping in San Christobal de las Casas

🇲🇽 San Christobal de las Casas, mexico

August 2013, the US road trip is over. J. joins me in Los Angeles. From there we spend a couple of days in San Diego and then go to Los Cabos in Mexico where...

Image for Jumping in San Francisco

Jumping in San Francisco

🇺🇸 San Francisco, usa

After Las Vegas, we rented a car and headed to San Francisco. Of course we visited the Golden Gate and this is when we realized that the whole SF was under...

Image for Jumping in Las Vegas

Jumping in Las Vegas

🇺🇸 Las Vegas, usa

After a week on the road, we arrive in Las Vegas, the end of our journey on board our awesome RV. We have booked a nice little hotel, the Mandalay Beach for...

Image for Jumping in Bryce Canyon

Jumping in Bryce Canyon

🇺🇸 Bryce Canyon, usa

Still on our road trip from Houston to Las Vegas, after Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, we make a stop in another National Park, Bryce Canyon. Tomorrow,...

Image for Forbidden Jump in Arizona

Forbidden Jump in Arizona

🇺🇸 Marble Canyon, usa

We couldn't resist in taking a Jumping picture besides a sign clearly asking you not to :)

Image for Jumping in Monument Valley

Jumping in Monument Valley

🇺🇸 Monument Valley, usa

Monument Valley has one of the most peculiar and beautiful landscape scenery. You drive on straight roads in the desert for ages and then you see those...

Image for Jumping at the Grand Canyon

Jumping at the Grand Canyon

🇺🇸 Grand Canyon, usa

After Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of those breathless places where you feel very, very small.

Image for Jumping in Texas

Jumping in Texas

🇺🇸 Near Amarillo, usa

This just has been taken in Northern Texas on our road trip from Houston to Las Vegas onboard the awesome RV you see in the picture. The first few days were...

Image for Jumping in New Orleans

Jumping in New Orleans

🇺🇸 New Orleans, usa

From New-York, we took a train to New Orleans: 30 hours later, we were there. I love traveling by train and this ride was awesome! New Orleans (aka NOLA) is...

Image for Jumping in front of the Statue of Liberty

Jumping in front of the Statue of Liberty

🇺🇸 New York, usa

Last jump in New-York, I've been joined by Arnaud, Sylvain B and Matthieu and we'll soon start our road trip across the USA. But today, we just act like a...

Image for Jumping in front of Manhattan

Jumping in front of Manhattan

🇺🇸 Brooklyn, usa

After a weekend in Boston, Sylvain and I are back to New-York. Right out of the bus, we head over to Brooklyn where we'll meet our friend Alison and go have...

Image for Jumping in Boston

Jumping in Boston

🇺🇸 Boston, usa

After a few days in New-York with Sylvain,  we decide to head over to Boston for the weekend for some good ol' jumping. That's George Washington with an...

Image for Jumping in Times Square

Jumping in Times Square

🇺🇸 New York, usa

Iconic Time Square by a hot summer night of 2013.

Image for Family Jumping in Boucherville

Family Jumping in Boucherville

🇨🇦 Boucherville, canada

After the roadtrip from New-York to Montréal in a car (see here and there), I spent around 10 days in Montreal. I spent a few days at Marie's and Stéphane's...

Image for Jumping in "Frontier Town"

Jumping in "Frontier Town"

🇺🇸 Frontier Town, usa

On the way from New-York to Montreal, we took a random exit of the Interstate 87 for a biological break... and ended up in Frontier Town. Frontier Town, and...

Image for Jumping on the Interstate 87

Jumping on the Interstate 87

🇺🇸 Somewhere on the I87, usa

After reaching New York on a Cargo ship, I almost immediately went back on the road and headed straight to Montréal with Emeric and Véronique, some friends I...

Image for Jumping in Tulum

Jumping in Tulum

🇲🇽 Tulum, mexico

After Cuba, we reached Cancun in Mexico. We then headed to Playa del Carmen before arriving in Tulum. We were a bit slowed down by the heat in Cancun and...

Image for Jumping in Trinidad

Jumping in Trinidad

🇨🇺 Trinidad, cuba

Our friend Paulina had invited us to her Wedding in Villahermosa, Mexico. We thought it was the perfect excuse to escape the depressing French winter and...

Image for Jumping in San Juan del Sur

Jumping in San Juan del Sur

🇳🇮 San Juan del Sur, nicaragua

After the cloud forests of Costa Rica, we finished our Transatlantic and Central America trip by Nicaragua. Nicaragua really was the highlight of the trip to...

Image for Jumping in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Jumping in Monteverde Cloud Forest

🇨🇷 Monteverde Cloud Forest, costa rica

Spending the afternoon in coffee fields, learning how to pick beans and tasting coffee. Seriously... What else? After the coffee plantation tour, we went...

Image for Jumping in Bocas del Toro

Jumping in Bocas del Toro

🇵🇦 Bocas del Toro, panama

And again. Bocas was supposed to be a paradise and laid back island on the Caribbean sea, but we arrived along with a hectic stormy weather and almost never...

Image for Jumping on the Panama Canal!

Jumping on the Panama Canal!

🇵🇦 Miraflores locks, panama

The Panama Canal, such a mythical place! Well actually... it's much smaller that I expected :) You can see a Russian yellow boat the back in a locks, on her...

Image for Jumping in Panama City

Jumping in Panama City

🇵🇦 Panama City, panama

After Miami we went down to Panama (we had to take a plane that time, no boat anymore). Panama City really feels like at the crossroad of different worlds:...

Image for Jumping in Miami Beach

Jumping in Miami Beach

🇺🇸 Miami Beach, usa

That's what happens when your official jumping photographer is in a hurry to sip a mojito... you get a photo where you look stupid on it! (or was it on...

Image for Jumping in US Virgin Islands

Jumping in US Virgin Islands

🇺🇸 Charlotte Amalie, us virgin islands

One week crossing the Atlantic. For one week, only water around. Finally, early November, we reached the other side of the pond. We called in Charlotte...

Image for Jumping in Toronto

Jumping in Toronto

🇨🇦 Toronto, canada

Toronto, the big city and the CN Tower (the world's tallest building and free standing structure). Driving (and parking!) with Hervé the RV in big cities is...

Image for Jumping in KOA Kamping

Jumping in KOA Kamping

🇨🇦 1000 Islands, canada

Because life's sometimes tough as a traveler, there is nothing better than a relaxing day in a camp ground. It starts with a jumping into a so called "SPA...

Image for Jumping under Niagara Falls

Jumping under Niagara Falls

🇨🇦 Niagara Falls, canada

Maid of the Mist, maybe that's the most famous touristic boats on the Canadian side, dragging tourists from the shore down to the fall with some very sexy...

Image for Jumping in front of Wall*Mart

Jumping in front of Wall*Mart

🇨🇦 Kingston, canada

Trowing Havaianas in the Wall*Mart parking in Kingston. I'm still unsure what is it I wanted to do here. Fortunately Sylvain stepped up and saved the day...

Image for Jumping in Lake Wapizagonke

Jumping in Lake Wapizagonke

🇨🇦 Lake Wapizagonke, canada

Two days spent in le Parc de la Mauricie, sailing through the different lakes and rivers and avoiding Beaver dams :)

Image for Jumping in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord

Jumping in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord

🇨🇦 Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, canada

From Tadoussac we headed up Saint Jean Lake following the Saguenay. A little stop in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord on a gray day made us eat a huge and delicious...

Image for Jumping on the Ferry to Tadoussac

Jumping on the Ferry to Tadoussac

🇨🇦 Tadoussac, canada

Don't even DARE to comment on that facial expression of mine! Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to jump 😅 This picture was taken on the ferry crossing the...

Image for Still jumping in Québec City

Still jumping in Québec City

🇨🇦 Québec City, canada

I couldn't resist...

Image for Jumping in front of le Château Frontenac

Jumping in front of le Château Frontenac

🇨🇦 Québec City, canada

Jumping picture expert will have indeed noted the classical "X-Jump" figure of this picture.

Image for Jumping in Hilton Bonaventure, Montréal

Jumping in Hilton Bonaventure, Montréal

🇨🇦 Montreal, canada

Before starting with a 2 weeks RV road trip across Quebec & Ontario, we decided to offer us a little treat and book a room in hotel Hilton in Montréal. Gods...

Image for Jumping in Chicago

Jumping in Chicago

🇺🇸 Chicago, usa

Taking advantage of a business training near Chicago I took some days off to discover the city. This metallic bean is emblematic from the city, along with...

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