Jumping in Roatán

🇭🇳 Roatán, honduras,

After wandering up and around Guatemala, we went to Útila, a backpacker island in Honduras. We were so busy doing nothing there that we didn't even think about jumping... oops?

After that, we headed to Roatán Island, the big sister of Útila. Journey from Útila to Roatán on-board a small privately owned motor-boat was a heck of a bumpy ride. None of us were talking much during the 2 hours it took to reach Roatán. We just looked at the horizon hoping the breakfast would stay down.

On Roatán, we stayed in a nice hotel in West Bay. The place was amazing, with its beautiful beach and turquoise waters. We had such a nice time here in the pool, at the pool bar, at the espresso coffee bar, at the sea, in the various restaurants along the beach that we extended our stay from 4 days to 7 :-)

Jumping in West Bay Honduras

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