Jumping in Trinidad

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡บ Trinidad, cuba,

Our friend Paulina had invited us to her Wedding in Villahermosa, Mexico. We thought it was the perfect excuse to escape the depressing French winter and wander new territories in Cuba, Mexico and Belize before getting to the  wedding.

We started with the large cuban Island. I had never been to Cuba before and it is definitely a must do for every well traveled person. Cuba is a country with several layers of modern history still visible: from the emblematic american cars from the 50ies, to the russian fridges from the 70ies and the chinese buses of the 2000s. Actually it sounds like most of the manufactured goods are coming from China nowadays.

If ever you want to discover Cuba, don't stay in a hotel. They are super expensive and are only full of tourists. You should rather stay in a Casa Particular ("private house"). We booked our first Casa Particular in La Havana through Cuba Junky website. We then booked the others casas through the network of the first casa owner. That was very effective!

We took the picture below on a beach near Trinidad, a very nice little city, with an old colonial style.

Jumping in Trinidad Beach

In the afternoon we went on a horse ride into the countryside up to La Cascada ("the fall"). After 2 hours on a horse, the fresh (and maybe somewhat cold) water from the fall was more than welcome.

Jumping in Trinidad Fall

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