Wedding Jump!

Cruis, france,

On a fine day in the summer of 2018, it finally happened โ€“ we got married! It was a great day indeed, with most of our friends and family from France, the Netherlands, and beyond gathering at a remote farm in Provence to celebrate.

When I told the photographer about my love for jumping, she immediately grabbed the opportunity and had us all lined up for a jumping photo.

We found out that J. and I had trouble being in sync. Well, that's a great start. I hope it's not a bad omen! ๐Ÿ˜„

J. is in the air

Sly is in the air

Then, apparently, I stole the show and completely overshadowed my now wife in both group shots. That's bad, very bad. I'm so very terribly sorry!!

Wedding Group Jump try number 1

Wedding Group Jump try number 2

2018 also marked 10 years of jumping pictures, since the first one in Norway!

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