Jumping Around Cluj-Napoca

๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ด Cluj-Napoca, romania,

Taking advantage of a very cheap Wizzair flight to Cluj-Napoca, I ended up spending a weekend in this little city in northern Romania along with Sylvain.

I must admit my total lack of culture and confess that I didn't even know about the name of this city before booking the tickets. After some little digging, you'll learn that Cluj-Napoca it located in Transylvania, famous for Dracula and other dark stories. Maybe this is why they have the strongest Garlic sauce I ever tasted?

Jumping in front of Saint Michael church and Mathias Corvinus statue:

Jumping in Cluj Napoca

The city in itself is quiet during the day but become very lively at night as this is mostly a student city. Compared to the rainy & grey weather in Paris at the same time, it was a real relief to be spending a weekend in a sunny place like this.

Jumping in Cluj Napoca

[Jumping in Cluj Napoca

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