Jumping in Zermatt

馃嚚馃嚟 Zermatt, switzerland,

After spending Christmas with my family in the Dr么me, Judith and I spent a few days road tripping by train through Switzerland.

From Crest in the Dr么me, we crossed the Swiss border over to Gen猫ve, along the Lac L茅man. From there, we boarded a train, direction Zermatt. Zermatt is a ski resort at the foot of Switzerland's highest peaks and with a view on the almighty Matterhorn mountain.

It was sunny when we departed Gen猫ve, but as we were riding up the Swiss Alps towards Zermatt, snow started falling. Once we arrived in Zermatt, there was snow everywhere, it felt magical. We made sure to eat a cheese fondue that night and a raclette the day after, as you would be expected to.

Jumping in Zermatt

From Zermatt we took the Glacier Express line towards St Moritz, another ski resort more to the East. St Moritz is very high-end with plenty of luxury brands and fancy cars all around. We didn't necessary fit there with our backpacks 馃槄.

Finally, after St Moritz, we took train from the Bernina Express line direction Milano in Italy and via Tirano. This ride was stunning as well. We crossed regions where we felt totally alone. No road, no house, nobody but the train, on its rails, surrounded by snow crossing an occasional viaduct or tunnel.

After a short stop in Tirano to eat a pizza, we arrived in Milano where we spent the night. The following morning, we took a TGV back home in Nice to get ready to welcome friends for New Year celebrations.

Switzerland is famous for their trains and their punctuality. It has an incredible rail network covering the whole country. However, like many other things in this country, it doesn't come cheap. I remember paying close to 30 euros (for 2) for a 3km ride. Painful.

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