Jumping in Sainshand

🇲🇳 Sainshand, mongolia,

And back in the Trans-Mongolian, this time, direction China!

The picture below was taken at one of the few Mongolian stops, in Sainshand (Сайншанд), in front of our locomotive.

Jumping in Sainshand

In Sainshand, we stopped enough time to buy some water, as well as some dehydrated Korean spicy noodles (just add some boiling water, and that's ready). Quite good... when you're hungry!

Korea and Mongolia seem to get along quite well. We saw an impressive amount Korean shops in Ulan Bator. Maybe it is because both countries are surrounded by huge and powerful countries that they feel it is easier to deal with countries their size? Just a thought though, i'm no expert in koreo-mongol politics :)

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