Jumping in Chania

🇬🇷 Chania, Crete, greece,

As part of a cruise from Barcelona to Dubai, we made a stop in Crete and visited the city of Chania (Χανίων).

We first made our way around the harbor and visited the lighthouse, which provided a perfect jumping spot.

Sylvain and I jumping on the stairs of the lighthouse in Chania

After a nice lunch in the harbor, we went on a short boat trip around the city. It's not because you're on a cruise that you can't take excursions on other ships. When you like sailing, you like sailing. This one was a nice old wooden ship, reminiscent of the pirate era.

On our way back to Explorer of the Seas, we bought an unbranded bottle of Ouzo that we smuggled back onboard (this is not entirely allowed, so please don't tell anyone).

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