Jumping in front of the Acropolis

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท Athens, greece,

France is a lovely country to live in. Especially in May as the month is littered with Bank Holidays. And Bank Holidays are a great thing, right?

Taking advantage of 2 consecutive Bank Holidays, J and I took a break from a busy Parisian life to spend 5 days in Greece, first half in Athens, and second half in Santorini Island.

Athens was nice, although I was a bit let down. I had in mind a city like Roma or Paris full of history in every corner. Of course you have large beautiful and major sites but the city in itself felt a bit grey and unattractive to me. Okay, maybe was it due to the fact that the day before departure to Greece I had 2 teeth removed and may not have been in the best happy-go-lucky mindset during the first days of my stay in Athens :)

But whining set apart, I very much enjoyed the Acropolis and the views from there. And, as usual, the place was a great base to start Jumping. J accepted to be the jumping photographer of the trip and she really much lived up to the challenge!

Jumping in front of the Acropolis in Greece

After Athens, we headed up to Santorini, a little Island part of the Cyclades. That Island, and the place we stayed at, the Santorini Princess, were truly gorgeous. So gorgeous that we even forgot to jump thereโ€ฆ. #FAIL.

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