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Image for Jumping in Antigua

Jumping in Antigua

🇬🇹 Antigua, guatemala

After a hectic border crossing between Mexico and Guatemala (*), we finally arrived in Antigua, the old town of Guatemala surrounded by volcanoes. Jumping in...

Image for Jumping in Bryce Canyon

Jumping in Bryce Canyon

🇺🇸 Bryce Canyon, usa

Still on our road trip from Houston to Las Vegas, after Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, we make a stop in another National Park, Bryce Canyon. Tomorrow,...

Image for Forbidden Jump in Arizona

Forbidden Jump in Arizona

🇺🇸 Marble Canyon, usa

We couldn't resist in taking a Jumping picture besides a sign clearly asking you not to :)

Image for Jumping in Texas

Jumping in Texas

🇺🇸 Near Amarillo, usa

This just has been taken in Northern Texas on our road trip from Houston to Las Vegas onboard the awesome RV you see in the picture. The first few days were...

Image for Jumping in Boston

Jumping in Boston

🇺🇸 Boston, usa

After a few days in New-York with Sylvain,  we decide to head over to Boston for the weekend for some good ol' jumping. That's George Washington with an...

Image for Jumping in "Frontier Town"

Jumping in "Frontier Town"

🇺🇸 Frontier Town, usa

On the way from New-York to Montreal, we took a random exit of the Interstate 87 for a biological break... and ended up in Frontier Town. Frontier Town, and...

Image for Jumping on the Interstate 87

Jumping on the Interstate 87

🇺🇸 Somewhere on the I87, usa

After reaching New York on a Cargo ship, I almost immediately went back on the road and headed straight to Montréal with Emeric and Véronique, some friends I...

Image for Jumping in front of the Acropolis

Jumping in front of the Acropolis

🇬🇷 Athens, greece

France is a lovely country to live in. Especially in May as the month is littered with Bank Holidays. And Bank Holidays are a great thing, right? Taking...

Image for Jumping in Karlovy Vary

Jumping in Karlovy Vary

🇨🇿 Karlovy Vary, czechia

I hadn't been in Czech Republic since 2008. So I had never jumped in Czechia before! This time we took advantage of an extended weekend to go to Czech Rep...

Image for Jumping in Paris with Paulina

Jumping in Paris with Paulina

🇫🇷 Paris, france

Paulina doesn't come often to France as she lives in Mexico. So when she does, we need to be proper tourists and visit some of the highlights of Paris. We...

Image for Jumping in Kuala Lumpur

Jumping in Kuala Lumpur

🇲🇾 Kuala Lumpur, malaysia

From Singapore, we took a night train to Kuala Lumpur (or KL). That wasn't such a great idea... I really love trains as my Paris to Beijing with...

Image for Jumping in El Jem

Jumping in El Jem

🇹🇳 El Jem, tunisia

After settling down in Hammamet, we departed for a 2 days road trip down the doors of the Sahara desert. We passed by El Jem, that has an arena built by the...

Image for Jumping in Hammamet

Jumping in Hammamet

🇹🇳 Hammamet, tunisia

For this Christmas / New Year break we decided to go and visit Tunisia. I hadn't been to Africa since 1996 when I was in Ghana (I don't count Mauritius as...

Image for Jumping in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Jumping in Monteverde Cloud Forest

🇨🇷 Monteverde Cloud Forest, costa rica

Spending the afternoon in coffee fields, learning how to pick beans and tasting coffee. Seriously... What else? After the coffee plantation tour, we went...

Image for Home Jumping!

Home Jumping!

🇫🇷 Paris, france

September had be a month without any particular travel, except a few flash work-related expeditions to London, where I didn't get the chance to jump. But...

Image for Jumping in Belém

Jumping in Belém

🇵🇹 Belém, portugal

Jumping in Belèm (Lisbon's neighborhood). Belèm is mostly famous for it's Pastéis de Belém (local version of the Pastéis de Nata), some delicious egg-based...

Image for Jumping in Doha airport

Jumping in Doha airport

🇶🇦 Doha airport, qatar

So sad, holidays are over. It has been a hell of a trip from Paris to Shanghai. So many great memories, new friends and new experiences. On the way back to...

Image for Jumping at Shanghai World Expo 2010

Jumping at Shanghai World Expo 2010

🇨🇳 Shanghai, china

It was my first time at a World Expo. And I can so recommend it! Spending your day(s) going from one pavilion to another, collecting stamps from each of them...

Image for Jumping in Beijing Summer Palace

Jumping in Beijing Summer Palace

🇨🇳 Beijing, china

What is great when you're staying at hostels, is that you meet many fellow travelers. People like you that are wandering the world driven by their curiosity...

Image for Jumping in front of Mao Zedong

Jumping in front of Mao Zedong

🇨🇳 Beijing, china

At the heart of Beijing, on the south wall of the Forbidden City stands the famous Mao Zedong portrait. Mao oversees the huge Tienanmen Place. All the area...

Image for Jumping around Kharkhorin

Jumping around Kharkhorin

🇲🇳 Kharkhorin, mongolia

Kharkhorin (Mongolian: Хархорин) was the former capital of Mongolia back in the 13th century. The Mongols being nomadic people, there is nothing really left...

Image for Jumping in Terelj National Park

Jumping in Terelj National Park

🇲🇳 Terelj National Park, mongolia

After a day in Ulan Bator, relaxing, walking around the (tiny) capital and most, importantly, eating like crazy, we were ready to start a 4 days tour around...

Image for Jumping in Naushki, first Trans-Mongolian jump

Jumping in Naushki, first Trans-Mongolian jump

🇷🇺 Naushki, russia

Last moments in Russia! After 10 days of intense train-ing in Russia, we arrived at the end of this first journey and we were fully ready for Mongolia desert...

Image for Jumping around lake Baïkal

Jumping around lake Baïkal

🇷🇺 Lake Baïkal, russia

Arrived at 6am in Irkutsk, we started the day by a good ol' breakfast with coffee sausages, schnitzel and mashed potatoes. We then headed to the Baïkaler...

Image for Jumping in Ilanskiy

Jumping in Ilanskiy

🇷🇺 Ilanskiy, russia

Ever heard of Ilanskiy (Иланский)? Me neither before stopping there. It is a small town completely lost in Siberia. But there you'll find an old and gorgeous...

Image for Jumping in Barabinsk (a.k.a. train makes you zen)

Jumping in Barabinsk (a.k.a. train makes you zen)

🇷🇺 Barabinsk, russia

Barabinsk is a small city for which wikipedia says "the most important economic sectors are the production of building material as well as metal and...

Image for Jumping in Perm

Jumping in Perm

🇷🇺 Perm, russia

Aboard the Trans-Siberian train, life is simple for 4 days: eat, sleep, read, talk, take the apero, eat, sleep etc... That's a wonderful time where you end...

Image for Jumping in the VDNKh park

Jumping in the VDNKh park

🇷🇺 Moscow, russia

The picture below was taken at VDNKh park. This "Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy" (Выставка Достижений Народного Хозяйства Vystavka...

Image for Jumping in Berlin

Jumping in Berlin

🇩🇪 Berlin, germany

Taking advantage of a Business trip to arrive early on the weekend and wander the great city of Berlin. In front of the Branderburg Gate: At the bottom of...

Image for Jumping in le Colorado provençal

Jumping in le Colorado provençal

🇫🇷 Rustrel, france

The name "Colorado provençal" is named after the colors similarities with the "real" Colorado. But in this area, you can find sand of all kind of colors...

Image for Jumping in the Moon Fall

Jumping in the Moon Fall

🇫🇷 Carniol, france

La cascade de la Lune (the Moon Fall) is a small fall hidden somewhere around Carniol. During Spring it can be a bit tricky to get there without getting wet...

Image for Jumping at the top of Le Contadour Mountain

Jumping at the top of Le Contadour Mountain

🇫🇷 Le Contadour, france

Le Contadour is a small mountain from the southern Alps. The top rises at 1413m. Perfect place to go hiking and sleeping in the wild when nature's calling...

Image for Jumping in front of Wall*Mart

Jumping in front of Wall*Mart

🇨🇦 Kingston, canada

Trowing Havaianas in the Wall*Mart parking in Kingston. I'm still unsure what is it I wanted to do here. Fortunately Sylvain stepped up and saved the day...

Image for Jumping in Sevilla

Jumping in Sevilla

🇪🇸 Sevilla, spain

A few hours before taking the plane back in Paris, a little walk in Sevilla, and a sun worshiping incantation.

Image for First jump: Oslo!

First jump: Oslo!

🇳🇴 Oslo, norway

My very first jump in freezing cold Oslo! The light (when there was light) was quite amazing as the sun was staying a long time very low on the horizon.

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