Jumping around lake Baïkal

🇷🇺 Lake Baïkal, russia,

Arrived at 6am in Irkutsk, we started the day by a good ol' breakfast with coffee sausages, schnitzel and mashed potatoes. We then headed to the Baïkaler Hostel, with just enough time to take a shower before going on the Baïkal trek. The shower was cold, but after 4 days in a train (hence without showering), this sounded like paradise!

At 9am, we meet Jack "Yevegeny" the owner of the hostel and also our guide around the Baïkal for the next 3 days. This is also where we met what will become our travel buddies for the rest of the trip, and also some great friends: the kiwis Hannah and Troy from great New Zealand! After 3 hours driving we arrived in Saint Christovky Bay, a place lost on Baïkal shore. There, you'll find a farm and guest House where you'll eat the best home made food ever!! It was so delicious!

Lake Baïkal is gorgeous: huge (600km long), deep blue water, deep (1600+ km at the deepest)... and so quiet! That's a perfect occasion to concentrate for you jump.

Jumping on Baikal shore

Note that Yevgeny, in the middle, is a fellow jumper. His hostel is full of jumping travellers pictured on the wall. So cool! If ever you go to Irkutsk, go book the Baïkaler hostel!

The Baïkal shore is also very steep and it required quite some effort so up and down all the hills all day. The reward is indeed the wonderful views that you get once on top!

Jumping on the Baïkal

Jumping on the Baïkal

Yet another self jumping picture.

Jumping on the Baïkal

And here is how we do it :-)

Jumping on the Baïkal

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