Jumping in Beijing's Summer Palace

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What's great about staying at hostels is that you meet many fellow travelers. People like you who are wandering the world, driven by their curiosity towards other cultures and people. A downside to meeting many travelers, however, is that you often get jealous of the travels others have done ๐Ÿ˜….

Petulia is one of those people traveling around the world for many months, with many months left to travel. Grrrr, UNFAIR! But my jealousy was put aside when I learned that Petulia was also a professional picture jumper, taking crazy jumping pics in every place.

Jumping at the Summer Palace

We took too many pictures that day to have them all here, but I can tell you it was a hell of a day!

The Summer Palace is a peaceful and vast area in Beijing, full of parks, lakes, ponds, and monasteries. In 1860, the place was attacked by an Anglo-French army. Now, every 100 meters, you can see signs stating that this building was rebuilt after the English and French burnt it downโ€ฆ Ahemโ€ฆ

Jumping at the Summer Palace

Jumping at the Summer Palace

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